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Very popular salted butter rolls! Amakusa’s Resort Market L’isola Terrace

Resort Market L’isola Terrace AMAKUSA, featuring specialty products of Amakusa.


【L’isola Terrace AMAKUSA】is located at the entrance of SEA CRUISE GLAMPING.
L’isola Terrace, a resort tourist facility located in front of the Sea Cruise boat pier, is a stylish resort-like place with restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, bars, and a bakery.
While glamping, you can enjly the tea time with a view of the ocean, or a cocktail at the bar while watching the sunset.
We also have a recommended bakery, and its salted butter rolls using Amakusa salt, the staff’s favorite, is very popular!
Many people buy in bulk to take home as gifts.

Please use it when you come to Sea Cruise Glamping♪

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Operating Hours
6215-16, Kitamaejima, Aizu, Matsushima-cho, Kamiamakusa, Kumamoto, Japan