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Mio camino AMAKUSA, making your trip to Amakusa more enjoyable.

Mio camino AMAKUSA makes traveling in Amakusa more fun through seasonal information, experiences, gourmet, and souvenirs.

【mio camino AMAKUSA】is located at the entrance of SEA CRUISE GLAMPING.
This spacious facility welcomes tourists with a variety of information of the Amakusa area, and offers a wide range of experience contents♪
It is a base to introduce the attractions of Amakusa area, including the ocean, mountains, and cycling.
The complex offers a variety of appealing activities, including indoor bouldering, cruising around the scenic Amakusa Matsushima, dolphin watching with a 98% encounter rate, a local products market with delicious food and attractive sundries, and a one-day BBQ featuring Amakusa’s abundant foodstuffs.


Be sure to visit us when you come to SEA CRUISE GLAMPING♪

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Operating Hours
6215-17, Aizu, Matsushima-cho, Kamiamakusa, Kumamoto, Japan